Black pointer-type found in Nicosia on March 4th

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Black pointer-type found in Nicosia on March 4th

Post  Elysia on Thu Mar 13, 2008 9:44 am


I found a really sweet girl a week ago in Nicosia, in the road where Vivendi club is situated (close to Milano traffic lights). She was running through traffic wearing a tight collar with the end of a broken chain attached to it. Since last Tuesday (March 4th), I have checked her for microchip, posted an ad in the newspaper (Xrises Efkairies), notified the Municipality, the police, and eveybody else I could think of. With the help of a good friend, I also put up posters all over the area around which she was found, and walked her to see if anybody could recognise her. All this was to no avail, which makes me believe that her owners are not looking for her.

She's black, of medium size, and very young (about a year old). She is not spayed.

This little girl could provide somebody with excellent companionship. She's a bit timid at first, but once she gets to know you she'll try to jump up for hugs. She's good with other dogs, but will snap when heavily provoked, so an only dog home would be ideal for her. She loves to chase cats but pays them no attention when she's on leash. She's very willing to learn and pays great attention to you, and she walks beautifully on lead.

If you'd like to give this girl a home, please contact me on 96671700. I'd love to keep her but unfortunately I live in a flat with an intact young German Shepherd, who's discovering his first urges and really tries to mate with her. This annoys her to no end as you can imagine Razz I have to keep them separated at all times!

Here are some pics of her...


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