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Hoax Email on rasins

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Hoax Email on rasins Empty Hoax Email on rasins

Post  Admin on Mon Feb 18, 2008 8:53 pm

Hi, I had this email passed on to me today and thought I'd pass the info to you that it is a hoax.

Full contents are below but the gist is that you can poison your dog with raisins. If you are unsure if you have received a hoax email please check at before passing on to everyone you know.

Thanks for reading this


If you have a dog... PLEASE read this and send it on. If you don't
> have a dog, please pass along to friends who do.
> Written by: Laurinda Morris, DVM
> Danville Veterinary Clinic
> Danville , Ohio
> This week I had the first case in hi story of raisin toxicity ever
> seen at MedVet. My patient was a 56-pound, 5 yr old male neutered lab
> mix that ate half a canister of raisins sometime between 7:30 AM and
> 4:30 PM on Tuesday. He started with vomiting, diarrhea and shaking
> about 1AM on Wednesday but the owner didn't call my emergency service
> until 7AM.
> I had heard somewhere about raisins AND grapes causing acute Renal
> failure but hadn't seen any formal paper on the subject. We had her
> bring the dog in immediately. In the meantime, I called the ER
> service at MedVet, and the doctor there was like me - had heard
> something about it, but.... Anyway, we contacted the ASPCA National
> Animal Poison Control Center and they said to give I V fluids at 1
> 1/2 times maintenance and watch the kidney values for the next 48-72
> hours.
> The dog's BUN (blood urea nitrogen level) was already at 32 (normal
> less than 27) and creatinine over 5 ( 1.9 is the high end of normal).
> Both are monitors of kidney function in the bloodstream. We placed an
> IV catheter and started the fluids. Rechecked the renal values at 5
> PM and the BUN was over 40 and creatinine over 7 with no urine
> production after a liter of fluids. At the point I felt the dog was
> in acute renal failure and sent him on to MedVet for a urinary
> catheter to monitor urine output overnight as well as overnight care.
> He started vomiting again overnight at MedVet and his renal values
> have continued to increase daily. He produced urine when given lasix
> as a diuretic. He was on 3 different anti-vomiting medicat ions a ND
> they still couldn't control his vomiting. Today his urine output
> decreased again, his BUN was over 120, his creatinine was at 10, his
> phosphorus was very elevated and his blood pressure, which had been
> staying around 150, skyrocketed to 220.. He continued to vomit and
> the owners elected to euthanize.
> This is a very sad case - great dog, great owners who had no idea
> raisins could be a toxin. Please alert everyone you know who has a
> dog of this very serious risk. Poison control said as few as 7
> raisins or grapes could be toxic. Many people I know give their dogs
> grapes or raisins as treats including our ex-handler's. Any exposure
> should give rise to immediate concern.


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