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greek cypriot behavior

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greek cypriot behavior Empty greek cypriot behavior

Post  pegasusfgr on Sat Mar 29, 2008 10:22 am

Kalhmera, Hi,
I just registered . I want say a BIG........HI to everyone of you.
I would like to express my sorrow....... for the behavior of greek cypriots regarding dogs and dog owners.
I am a permanet resident , I live in Nicosia. I am an animal lover(.....that includes and humans ). I adore dogs.....
I had my first doggie when I was 6 years of age ( a present....of my father -he was an artist and a GREAT animal lover ) .

I am greek , born and raised in Athens IONIAN origin. I live in Nicosia since 1969.......! ! ! ! Smile +++++++++++

When I walk with my doggie PACO in the roads around my house most of the time I get very upset. Most of the people we meet are OK , few very friendly BUT there are some who behave ....badly especcialy if they catch Paco on the monent he pees ....

I never leave behind faeces. I always have with me kichen paper and plastic bags. I collect everything he produces. I even sometims carry a plastic bottle to wash......urines.

What s the problem with these people...... : Sad


I wander Wink Is there a law which protects a dog owner from these people verbal attacts If there is can any one tell me.

I try this morning to find information in the internet. I try and the EU result. Mad alien Bye for now lol!


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greek cypriot behavior Empty Re: greek cypriot behavior

Post  Elysia on Mon Apr 07, 2008 8:33 pm

Hello there pegasusfgr!

There is no law that I know of, but unfortunately there are a lot of ignorant people about, who don't know much about dogs and think of them as pests. I get some rude comments sometimes about my German Shepherd but in time, you learn to ignore them! It's a good thing you clean up after your dog, at least you're not giving them any excuses! Some dog owners leave their dogs' crap behind and give everyone else a bad name!

I live in a flat with my dog and people have gone as far as falsely reporting him for attacking to the building manager. Thankfully she knows me and the dog pretty well so she knew it was a lie, but if she hadn't known me then I would be in trouble. And this is all because they don't like his size, mind you Rolling Eyes

Heh, if you want you can contact me and we can walk our dogs together cheers when people see a German Shepherd they usually hold their tongues! Laughing


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