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Mr & Mrs Malloch

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Mr & Mrs Malloch Empty Mr & Mrs Malloch

Post  Admin Mon Oct 29, 2007 4:08 pm

This very kind couple are doing a lot to help raise funds for Argos.

Lorna Malloch, also a well known poet in East Anglia has published a pocket book of poetry which they are selling for one pound and proceeds go to Argos.

Secondly, Mr. Malloch is getting together a recipe book of favourite recipes, getting it sponsored by SNK developers and the proceeds from this sale also to Argos.

Thirdly, Lorna Malloch also offered to give music lessons and the money she will negotiate for the lessons will go to Argos. As they are retired and pay no tax, they are not allowed to earn money. We would like to put this on our website where it would be easily and immediately visible as follows:

Music Lessons given for Keyboard, Accordion and Piano
all proceeds from lessons will go to Argos
Please contact: Lorna Malloch in Xylofagou
Tel: 24-725658

e-mail: [/size]


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