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Cyprus Dog Law - Your responibilities

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Cyprus Dog Law - Your responibilities Empty Cyprus Dog Law - Your responibilities

Post  Admin on Mon Jan 07, 2008 4:00 pm

DOG LAW 184(Ι) - 2002

The new Dog Law came into effect on 1st October 2004 but as this was not made known to the public, very few people are aware of their responsibilities. The large population of stray dogs in Cyprus is a direct result of the reluctance of dog owners to take their responsibilities seriously hence, when the dog is no longer desirable it becomes dispensable. The new Dog Law is a strong law if it is effectively implemented.

Under the Dog Law, the competent authority designated the responsibility for the control of stray dogs is the local authority, i.e the municipalities and community councils. If animal abuse is suspected, then the local authority can call for assistance the District Animal Welfare Committee and the District Veterinary Services.

Requirements of dog ownership

(1) Owner must microchip dog through a private vet who will also issue the health book.

(2) Owner must then take the microchip documentation and register the dog at the District Veterinary
Services and pay a £5 registration fee (if you don’t register your dog, the microchip is meaningless)

(3) Take the registration certificate and health book to your Local Council or municipality and obtain a
dog licence which is £12 for any gender dog. If your dog is classed as a dangerous dog breed, the
amount of the licence fee is £100.

Inspection of Premises
The local authority has the right to inspect any home or manor where a dog is kept to ascertain that the living conditions of the dog do not pose health hazards to public health, safety and welfare of humans.

Declination to issue Dog Licence
The local authority can refuse to issue / renew or withdraw a dog licence in certain circumstances:
a) If the competent authority ascertains that the dog is dangerous to humans and animals when found outside of the owners property
b) Causing annoyance and/or
c) If a dog is listed on the dangerous breeds index and not licensed
d) If the owner is under the age of 16 or convicted for violation of the animal welfare law
e) If owner cannot provide suitable living conditions for the dog
f) When the living conditions of the dog render it dangerous for public health and the health of other dogs or animals
g) If the owner abandons the dog or if the dog escapes
h) If the dog is kept in a place not belonging to the owner, unless he has written permission from the rightful owner for the use of the grounds
i) If the dog is allowed systematically to roam the streets defecating and causing annoyance and following a written warning from the local authority, the owner neglects to implement corrective measures

Confiscation of a Dog
The competent authority applies to the District Animal Welfare Committee who investigates and if it is ascertained that the owner is in violation of any of the above Clauses, the dog is handed over to the local authority. The local authority will make arrangements via the District Animal Welfare Committee to place the dog with an animal welfare organisation or to any other interested party. If this is not possible within thirty days (30) from the date the dog was handed over to the competent authority by the District Animal Welfare Committee, then the dog is surrendered to the District Veterinary Services to be euthanized.

Expenses Incurred
Any expenses involved in the implementation of the provisions of above clause are borne by the owner of the dog.

Change of ownership
If a dog is given away or sold, both the present owner and the prospective owner must transfer the licence at the municipality or local council’s offices.

Loss or Theft of Dog
To be reported to the police and local authority.

Display of Sign
A clearly visible sign ‘Beware of the Dog’ must be displayed at the residence or manor where the dog is kept.

Hunting Dogs
A dog owner who wishes to use his dog as hunting dog, must submit to the Director of the Hunting Fund, an application for the concession of a permit to use a hunting dog, producing a valid dog licence issued by the local authority. No more than two dogs are allowed to be taken on hunts at any one time.

It is prohibited to shepherds or cattle-breeder to be accompanied by more than two dogs during grazing of their flocks or their animals.

Stray Dogs
Dog owners must take every precaution to prevent their dog from escaping and becoming a stray dog. The owner of a stray dog is liable to pay the expenses incurred by the local authority in catching and keeping the dog. Under the Law, the local authority is obliged to keep the dog in the approved pound for 15 days whereby every effort is made to locate the owner. If the owner cannot be found it is then surrendered to the District Veterinary Services to be euthanized if it cannot be re-homed or no animal welfare organisation accepts it.


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Cyprus Dog Law - Your responibilities Empty What about the responsibilities of the state?

Post  dora on Fri Feb 22, 2008 1:22 am

For the past few years after returning from my studies i found deveral animals abandoned and in need of medical treatment. Five years ago I found my poodle terrier as a stray. After being informed that if I turned him to the authorities he would be put down if no one claimed him in 15 days i decided to undertake medical expenses and keep him. Nearly a year ago I found my second dog in a near death condition. We traced his chip number and found out he was abandoned. After spending many days trying to keep him alive I couldnt bear to give him away so i adopted him also. All these years there was not one place wher i could turn for help for all the helpless animals i found. Some i have kept, for others i provided medical help and found homes. I am not arich person and if i was i wouldnt mind spending money and time for all these animals. What happens if you cant afford to help every animal that comes your way? We must be the only country in europe that has no provisions for the welfare of animals. Today I found a little mini doberman and i have no idea what to do. I cant keep anymore pets but I cant bear to hand them over to the authorities because they face certain death. I am keeping her for the night and hopefully i can trace the owners. But what do i do if i dont? It is unacceptable that strays have no future on this island unless an animal lover finds them Sad With the lack of help from any organization i hope i dont turn into a person who sees an animal in trouble but has to turn the other way. Something must be done. As Ghandi said 'the civilization of a country can be seen by the way it treats its animals'. Thanx for taking the time to read this.


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Cyprus Dog Law - Your responibilities Empty Re: Cyprus Dog Law - Your responibilities

Post  Admin on Fri Feb 22, 2008 10:56 pm

Hi Dora, welcome to Argos Sanctuary forum. If you need help with the Doberman please contact Stella. Her number can be found in most of the Adoption topics.
We agree with you that the authorities do not do enough to help which is why Argos was founded. Our aims set out in the Announcements section. Hopefully we will be able to raise enough funds to open the sanctuary which will not only give a home to abandoned animals but serve as an education center for the people and authorities in Cyprus.

I'm sure that your other pets have a wonderful home with you and they are very lucky you found them.

Look forward to hearing more from you

Take care


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Cyprus Dog Law - Your responibilities Empty Local Authority Responsibilities

Post  Star on Mon Feb 25, 2008 10:38 pm

Hi Dora,
Thank you for your post and understand fully how you feel about the situation with abandoned animals in Cyprus. Many years ago when I returned to Cyprus, I was shocked at how animals were being treated and when I reported cases to the police they were not amused and told my partner in no uncertain terms to stop me from creating problems for people. I too began taking on many stray animals with no financial help from anyone (back in 1981 animal welfare was unheard of) and at one time I had 10 dogs in my home. As time went by I began meeting people who also loved animals and slowly the idea formulated in our minds and determination to help animals in a bigger way became our goal. In 2005 we applied for membership of our organisation and state land for a much needed shelter. At this point in time, just over 2 years, we have been given land in the dhekelia area, we run 2 charity shops (one in Paralimni and one in Ayia Napa), we have bought a pick-up truck for the transfer of stray dogs, we are awaiting a permit to fence the sanctuary area and have appointed an architect who is working on the shelter plans at present. We have come a long way with the help of the public who are fed up with the lack of response from the local authority.
The local authority has many responsibilities under the animal welfare laws but openly admit that animal welfare does not interest them and none have conformed to any of the provisions of the laws. Who would knowingly turn over an animal to such an authority? We can only hope that with Europe, the initiative taken by many people to take on this responsibility will push the government to finally give animal welfare organisations financial aid to help them in their mission.Please feel free to call me on 99-326045
regards/ Stella - Argos


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Cyprus Dog Law - Your responibilities Empty Re: Cyprus Dog Law - Your responibilities

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