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Stolen animals - Please help

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Stolen animals - Please help Empty Stolen animals - Please help

Post  Admin on Mon Feb 04, 2008 10:02 am

Last Thursday evening one of our members who runs a boarding kennel and is also a dog trainer, had a break in at his farm and teo dogs were stolen; one male 6-month old long haired german shepherd and the other a mini doberman pinchser that has an unusual ridge on its back (hairs growing opposite direction) female about 50 days old.

The thieves not only stole the dogs but they also opened all the kennels and freed the dogs and amongst them was an old black labrador who was blind. This dog is now lost.

The owner of the kennels " Savvas Dog Farm" went in on Friday morning to find nearly all the dogs (except the blind labrador) running around the fields and spent all day trying to catch them.
During the course of the night some dogs got into a fight and he found one with a broken leg and another with injuries to its chest. The fortunate thing is that the thieves did not open the door to the pitbull's cage, otherwise none of the dogs would have survived. I guess they were scared of him.

The black german shepherd was at the farm for training and his owner is offering a large reward for the return of his dog.
Please post this on the website as a pop up if possible.
thanks and regards/ stella

If you have any news please contact Stella or myself via the board. Please help us return these pets to their homes.


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